Why I Wrote This Book

Becoming a Justice of the Peace can be a challenging process.  My hope is that this book will help clarify the steps needed, to help you on your path towards this judicial profession.

When I became a justice of the peace in May 2002, there were no specific application forms. Each applicant submitted a letter to the attorney general setting out his/her curriculum vitae, including the reasons why he/she should be appointed to the bench together with references in support of the application.

Potential applicants were then invited to appear before a committee which was tasked with interviewing the applicant, and then either rejecting the application or recommending him/her to the attorney general for appointment. In situations where the attorney general was satisfied with the recommendation, the application would be presented to the government which decided whether or not to make an order in council appointing the applicant to the justice of the peace bench. The attorney general then contacted the successful applicant to inform him/her of the appointment. Thereafter, after taking the requisite oath, the successful applicant would begin by having a mentor appointed for him/her, attending education seminars, and observing experienced justices of the peace in court.

I understand that there are at any time between 3000 and 10,000 people wishing to become Justices of the Peace in Ontario. There is no other book which details not only the work of justices of the peace in Ontario, but also the process required to be followed in order to seek an appointment. My book is an indispensable resource for all people who aspire to become Justices of the peace, providing a comprehensive understanding of what’s involved in such a position and who are likely to qualify for an interview and potential appointment.