Praise for the Author

Judgment in R. v. Schmidt – Justice Michael Moldaver, Supreme Court of Canada

I read your reasons in Schmidt  and you should be very proud…
The judgment is so well- written-clear and persuasive and very scholarly…
Your judgment exceeds, in large measure, much of the work we see from the Ontario Court and Superior Court. 

Judgment in R. v. Schmidt – Justice of the Peace Kenneth Dechert (Central West Region)

The decision is very well written, reasoned and researched. You have referenced many authorities to support the legal findings which you made. The structure, detail and reasoning contained in the decision is, in my view, comparable to those elements found in decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada or the Ontario Court of Appeal. Congratulations on a job well done! All members of our bench should be proud of your hard work in writing this decision, as it contributes to the enhancement of the academic reputation of the bench as a whole.

Bail Judgment Review – Justice Gary Trotter, Ontario Court of Appeal

I wanted to tell you, with respect, that you always provide excellent
Reasons for Judgment. In my view, they are a model of appropriate
reasons for this type of procedure. Others could learn a lot from you!

Judgment in R. v. Vipe Construction – Justice Rick Libman, Ontario Court of Justice

In the latest C.C.C., Vol 209, p.456, your decision in R. v. Vipe Construction, is reported. Congratulations. You are one of the very few members of our court, judge or justice of the Peace, to be reported in the Canadian Criminal Cases.

Appointment as Regional Senior Mentor –Warren Ralph, Regional Senior Justice of the Peace

Paul(Kowarsky) has always taken a keen interest in the education of our Bench, and you may be aware that quite some time ago he developed a very comprehensive set of orientation materials that I believe were (and perhaps still are) being used by 1 Queen St to assist newly appointed colleagues.  This fact alone demonstrates that he has innovative ideas to help the mentoring/orientation/educational process.
Paul is known for his insightful analysis and coherent decisions/judgments.  He is highly regarded by his colleagues and is very collegial.  He is respected and approachable, and always willing to discuss issues pertaining to, and arising from, court.  In my opinion, his grasp of our role, jurisdiction, authority, and indeed the law equals, if not exceeds, that of our most senior and accomplished colleagues.