Justice of the Peace Application in Ontario

Considering this profession?

At first glance, the Justice of the Peace application process may seem to be overwhelming, as it appeared to me when I initiated my application.  However, in this book, I have detailed all the necessary steps required towards becoming a Justice of the Peace in Ontario.

The Justice of the Peace in Ontario: Practice and Procedure outlines the role of Justices of the Peace and the daily execution of their extensive jurisdiction throughout Ontario in criminal, provincial and municipal proceedings. I cover all of the major relevant topics, including search warrants, bail and the Provincial Offences Act, and discuss the duties of Justices of the Peace in the various stages of proceedings and the different types of court.

The appendices at the end of the volume offer particularly helpful information as they outline the structure of the court system, list the criteria that are used in the Justice of the Peace selection process, and provide additional details about organizations related to the profession.