About the Book

The book is intended to serve as a resource for new, aspiring, or acting Justices of the Peace, and to assist those with a Justice of the Peace application in Ontario.

The Justice of the Peace in Ontario: Practice and Procedure outlines the role of Justices of the Peace and the daily execution of their extensive jurisdiction throughout Ontario in criminal, provincial and municipal proceedings. In writing this book, retired Justice of the Peace Paul Kowarsky aims to clear up the common misconception that the main responsibilities of Justices of the Peace are to solemnize marriages and deal with speeding tickets.

Rather, as he explains in the Preamble to the text, Justices of the Peace play a very important role in the legal system: “The Justice of the Peace in Ontario is the gateway to the administration of justice. It is irrefutable that the vast majority of people who are charged with crimes, provincial offences and municipal infractions will never meet a Judge. In the Bail Court, the Intake Court, the Trial Management Court or the Provincial Offences Intake and Trial Courts, the accused person will appear before a Justice of the Peace.”

Given this broad range of significant responsibilities, it’s critical that Justices of the Peace – both new and veteran – as well as the legal professionals who appear before them, understand their extensive jurisdiction and duties. This book is just the resource to provide that insight.